Welcome to this website in which I am publishing some of the many photographs I have had the privilage of taking over the years. I first started photography in the 1960s mainly working on portraiture and had some published. In the following years of a different full time career and bringing up a family my photography took a back seat and was limited to friends, family and holidays. In the 1980s I again started some professional work in technical product photography, but had little time to indulge in other genre. Some ten years ago my family bought me my first digital camera, this opened up a hole new life for me in photography. Untill that time I always felt constrained by the price of producing good photos, and I always disliked getting my film rolls developed. What a change, I started with Canon film, then digital and until recently have been a "Canon" man, useing the higher end lenses. Currently I am starting to use the new 'Sony" full frame mirrowless cameras with Ziess lenses.

You will find that I have an eclectic mix of photographs as I enjoy capturing the world around me, however landscapes take much of my time. As stated I now work with a full frame camera and Ziess lenses. I consider a tripod essential, and always carry a circular poloroid and Natural Density filters. I feel that photos should be good to start with and that it is necessary to check photos in post production to get correct colour balances, composition etc., and yes I do remove extranious artifacts.